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WaterShow Spectacular Event  

Water Show Spectacular Event




Giant Floating Water Theater

This Water Show Spectacular will unquestionably become an international tourist attraction, plus a continual source of pride and enjoyment for hundreds of thousands of Southwest and West Coast residents.
      A 30+ minute dazzling recreation of mythological adventures that incorporates mesmerizing virtual images projected on a 100 x 300 foot fountain of water, perfectly punctuated with soaring surround sound music. In this breathtaking outdoor celebration of light and water, powerful pumps force a constant stream of water through a series of specially designed outlets, creating a pulsating fan of sheer mist in the middle of a lake, which, as light strikes it, becomes a shimmering movie screen.
      A hero with the dimensions of a hot air balloon will gradually rise out of the water, and sea monsters can suddenly break the calm surface of a lake and appear to race at incredible speed toward the audience on the shore. Mix in an inspiring musical soundtrack to this alluring fantasy, and you have an engaging entertainment that will delight tens of thousands of spectators

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Corporate Show
     If there were 2 shows per week, that is 6,000 to 10,000 people that can attend per show. Revenue can be generated through parking, sports tie-ins, commercial leasing, and specially sponsored events.
  • Specially designed graphical logo acknowledgement built into the water show at every performance
  • Sample Sponsorship Acknowledgement.
  • Special audio acknowledgement built into the water show performances
  • Corporate logo and credit placed on all print, program, and media advertising
     Men, women, children, white-collar and blue-collar folks remain in awe of these shows long after they have experienced them. It is a rare opportunity to make such a vivid, lasting impression on one’s soul. We have a chance to do it.

To the right a list of services included with Corporate Shows:
  • Sponsorship credit associated with the water show, i.e., America West Airlines Presents…
  • Credit placed on all print and media advertising
  • Corporate logo and credit on all merchandising items
  • Large program credit for the duration of the individual water show